11 December 2014

After rain comes sunshine

Hello my darlings!

I know that I haven't posted much lately.. Especially since I have bought a lot of make-up products and had a lot of collabs coming up... The reason for that is that I got allergic from make-up. Yess!!!!! It's like every girls nightmare! So, after a lot of tests they found out that there's only one brand which I'm not allergic from, namely Catrice Cosmetics!!! I know, I feel blessed!!! It's my favorite brand and their make-up is not expensive at all!

So to celebrate the good news I bought myself some new Catrice Cosmetics products, again! This time I bought this Allround Concealer for only € 3,59.
I absolutely love it!!! In the beginning I wasn't really convinced that such things would work. I actually thought that it looked a bit weird, those pink and green colors. Like why would I put something green on my face? Well, after having this tried out, I must admit that it really works! I'm quite happy about it and I'm glad that I have bought it!!


How it works:

The green color  is to neutralise redness. The pink color conceals dark circles and the beige colors is to cover imperfections. I like to apply it with my finger because it is much easier than using a brush for something small like this. Thanks to the creamy texture it is easy to apply and it really covers all your imperfections! I never thought that something green could neutralise but it does!!! It really works great and I would recommend this to everyone!

7 December 2014

How To: Add Your Own Social Media Buttons


I bet you have been wondering yourself 'how can I make my blog even more attractive than it is now?'. Let me tell you how, just change your social media icons with your blog. As you may have noticed, I changed my blog's look.
As we grow older and change, I felt like my blog needed an upgrade. That's the good part about having a blog. You can change it whenever you want, however you like.

Now, I bet you have been thinking a lot on how you can change your social media icons. Searching the internet, reading a lot about HTMLs and CODES and ooh, so many weird terms. Well, I may have found the perfect solution for you!
You don't have to be a computer expert to be able to do this, I mean, even I could do it, so that says a lot.


Step 1) Before you can start adding any social media icons to your blog or website, you'll first need to find {Or buy} a set. You can find them easily on Etsy. Before you can use them, you'll need to download the files. Or you just screenshot them. If they're squares they can be JPEG files, but if they're circles or odd shapes then you should use PNG files.

Step 2) So now you'll need to upload your icons to Photobucket or a similar site.

Step 3) That's done! Easy right? Now you have uploaded them, you can choose wheter you edit them or not. After that you'll need to find the URL of your image. If you used Photobucket, you'll see a box on the right side of your image with the name "Share Links". You want to copy the link called "Direct". Well, to give you an idea, here's a picture of how the box should look like.

Step 4) Head over to your Blogger blog. You will have to head to the section "Lay-out".
Once there you will have to click "Add a Gadget". A window will pop up and there you'll have to choose "HTML/JavaScript". The new page that appears will be where you'll be adding your HTML code.

Step 5) In this new page, do not add a title. You can if you want to, but I think it will look cleaner in the end if you don't. In the biggest blank box in the middle you'll have to add the following code.

<a href="http://www.YourWebsiteAddress.com"target="_blank">< img src="http://www.URLofImageLocation.com" height="70" width="70" /></a> 

http://www.YourWebsiteAddress.com ... this is the URL http address for each of your websites like your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.
For example my Facebook Page's is,http://www.facebook.com/FeelFashionable

Email is a bit different.
To link to email, fill in the "Your Website Address" like this,
<a href="mailto:feelfashionable@outlook.com"target="_blank >

target="_blank"  This bit of code makes the link/icon open in a new window.

http://www.URLofImageLocation.com... this is the Direct Link address from each image you got from Photobucket previously. 
height="70" width="70"... this is where you get to decide to size of your icons/buttons.
 !!! You can keep adding this same code over and over directly behind each other if you want to add more icons, just remember to change the URLS
Click SAVE. 

So, that was it!!! Easy right? No need to follow some informatica courses!!!

2 October 2014

My First Impression: Mavy Savvy Trend Store: Your Premium Fast-Fashion

Hello there!

Today I'm going to talk about something awesome. Something you might like!
I was on BrandBacker last week, looking for some great campaigns and then I found this 'Mavy Savvy Trend Store: Your Premium Fast-Fashion'. I don't know about you but that 'Premium Fast-Fashion' caught my eye instantly. I immediately started to read what Mavy Savvy actually is about and after that I went to their website - which is http://www.mavysavvy.com  - and I loved everything I saw on their site.

You probably want to know a bit more about Mavy Savvy so let me give you some information. The company was founded in 2013. There aim is to sell affordable and selected accessories and apparel for women in its website or in its personal boutique, which is localized in Miami, FL. What I like about Mavy Savvy is that they sell beautiful clothes and of every item are only a few pieces available which means it is unique.  They have trending items and the good thing about it is that they aren't expensive at all. Who said you can't look fashionable if you haven't spent out a lot of money? Let me tell you, Mavy Savvy is proof that you can afford yourself some trending clothes without having to pay a bill of $1000,00 !!! Unless you buy every single item of their store.. Which is most likely possible.

Just to give you an idea about what you can find on the Mavy Savvy website I'm going to show you my favourite items. It's all from the jacket & vest category so if you want to see more from the other categories head over to http://www.mavysavvy.com !




***Sponsored post.